This is a collection of videos that aim to help instructors in the deployment of HERA scenarios. The videos are reference content targeting instructors. They complement the HERA learning sheets and HERA reference manual. The goal of these videos is to provide an additional channel for supporting educators in building problem-solving skills. 

Videos on HERA game functionality

The videos on the HERA functionality complement the reference manual which is available in both text and visual form. The videos provide insight on core game functions.

Downloading the game, installing, and creating an account see video

 Concepts underlying the HERA game see video

Building a city, available structures see video

Roles in the HERA multiplayer game environment see video

Informational layers for introducing parameters into the game see video

Videos on HERA learning activities

Videos have  been created for 5 HERA learning activities, going beyond the proposal foreseen 3 educational scenarios: 

HERA e-Commerce learning activity video see video

HERA sustainable city activity video see video

HERA Olympic Games activity video see video

HERA smart parking activity video see video

HERA sustainable mobility activity video see video