Multiplier event in Spain, September 16, 2021

Students engage with the HERA game.

The multiplier event was organized in Spain at the School of Engineering at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, at its main campus in the town of the same name. The following curricula are taught in this college: Chemical Engineering and Informatics Engineering. The event targeted the students of Informatics Engineering as they are more involved in the use of computer applications.

Students work on the Omlymic Games scenario.

Although the whole campus operates on distance learning mode due to the Covid-19 situation, the restrictions at the time allowed usthe organizers to invite the students to the campus to play with us. The invitation was distributed through internal news channels, see the screenshots here and here.

Students researhced individually and worked in groups.

The event was attended by 51 students enrolled in the Informatics Engineering program, mainly interested in computer programming subjects. The organizers collaborated well with the university and were allowed to use the available computer lab. Students used their computers and the game could be easily installed through the use of USB memory sticks that were provided at the beginning of the event.

Students perceived the game to be very interesting and innovative.

The event started with a presentation of the HERA project, its objectives, and its achievements. Subsequently, the students used the HERA game and they worked in groups to solve the Olympic games scenario. The studenyts perceived the game to be a very interesting tool as an alternative to traditional methods to develop soft competencies. They were really engaged, and some of them were willing to get home to continue playing with colleagues.

Students provided positive feedback on the game.

A small bag, a T-shirt and a leaflet of the HERA project were also gifted to the students. In summary, the event was a success and sparked a curiosity in the students.

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