4th HERA consortium meeting 28/6/2021

The meeting took place virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The HERA 4th consortium meeting took place on June 28, 2021. The meeting took place virtually due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. The focus of the meeting was on the wrap-up of project activities, namely multiplier events, evaluation results, integration of evaluation feedback into the HERA game, good practice guidelines development, and completion of instructor support content.

The meeting main topics were:

  • Discussion on evaluation activities. Integration of evaluation feedback into the evaluation report
  • Design of good practice guidelines on the deployment of the HERA game based on the experience developed through piloting
  • Integration of evaluation student and educator feedback into the HERA game
  • Finalization of instructor support content and translations to national languages
  • Integration of additional learning scenarios into the HERA game
  • Discussion on the multiplier events and documentation of activities
  • Dissemination and adoption activities
  • Financial and administrative issues